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October 1, 1996

Say Hello

          to Steve Stein our new accounting manager. Steve is a Certified Public Accountant who has been helping Howard with the business clients.

Hmmm !!

          According to Economist Magazine, there is a peculiar pattern of suicides and violence surrounding people connected to the Clintons: Vincent Foster, Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of a Clinton bodyguard, suicide), Bill Shelton (Arkansas policeman, boyfriend of Ferguson, suicide), Jon Walker (RTC investigator concerned with irregularities at Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, fell from the top of a building, dead), Jerry Parks (Chief of Security for Clinton`s 1992 campaign headquarters, shot dead in Arkansas), Gary Johnson (Arkansas lawyer badly beaten in 1992 after claiming to have videotapes of Clinton calling on Gennifer Flowers), Dennis Patrick (endured three attempts on his life after he discovered millions of dollars passing mysteriously through his account at the firm of Clinton supporter and friend Dan Lasater), and Stanley Huggins (early investigator into Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, found dead in Delaware).

Some Financial Thoughts on the Election

          No matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Reformite (?) the election polls suggest that the American public probably prefers a Clinton presidency with a Republican or divided Congress. This scenario while ensuring governmental gridlock is most soothing to a public wary of change. This has important financial ramifications which I will address later.

          Let`s look beyond the election to trends that have emerged that the Contract with America cemented and President Clinton ratified when he made his sharp turn to the right in the past two years. Our (worldwide) society has started off on a path on which we are likely to see a continued downsizing of government and an off-loading of basic services from governmental authorities. Big "old" corporations are downsizing and selling off assets and missing the opportunities of the current technological revolution of the Information Age. New corporations are emerging and small businesses are sprouting like weeds. The new corporations are not offering traditional employee benefits like overfunded pensions. These new companies are instead offering profit sharing, stock options and employee funded pensions (401(k) plans). No candidate is talking about the need for us to finance our retirements. Bob Dole talks about tax cuts but does not stress creating funds for investment; Bill Clinton regards profits from investment as somehow criminal (except Hillary`s remarkable returns) and stresses some illusionary investment in "education". You should be taking charge of your future and investing now so your retirement is secure. If you are currently investing, you should be raising the amount of investment. No matter who is elected, the stock market and economy in the short run will do well (as long as Mr. Gebhart, who is an avowed socialist, is not allowed near any sort of power). Additionally, another common trend is that there will be a continuing incremental trend toward reducing health care expenses because corporations are encouraging people to enroll in managed care plans. Companies in the managed care field are sure to benefit whether Dole or Clinton are elected.

We are Seeking Advice from You!

          We are going to set up home page on the Internet this year and it is our understanding the Internet is used to foster a sense of community by disseminating information. Since you are our community we would like to know the following-

  1. Do you use the Internet?
  2. What web name would you be most likely to find us under?
  3. We intend to advertise our services of accounting, stock brokerage, mortgage brokerage, life insurance, tax advice, tax preparation, and legal. What name do you think we should use to describe ourselves?
  4. What browsers do you use?
  5. What browsers do you think we should be hotlinked to
  6. What would you like to see us put on our home page?
  7. Do you have a computer modem?  What speed?
  8. Do you use a Macintosh or a Windows computer on the Internet?
  9. Would you transmit your information to us on the Internet?
  10. What is your E-mail address?
  11. What is your Internet Home Page?

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Please mail this page to us, fax it to 212-385-1625 or call Howard Lisch to discuss these answers.

          If you have any questions about this or any other financial matters, please call me.