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The firm is not a full service law firm.  We confine the legal practice to tax law, incorporation of corporations and limited liability corporations, preparation of wills and trusts and related matters such as probate and estate administration.  Other legal matters including personal injury cases are referred to other lawyers.  These lawyers are suggested to the client based upon several factors, which include their fee structure, the client’s ability to pay, the firm’s size, experience in the specific area, ability to handle the problem, and the client’s and lawyer’s personalities and locations.

Howard Lisch, a New York Attorney, is of counsel to Lawrence Schoenfeld, Esq., a New York Attorney specializing in matrimonial, contract, litigation and real estate matters, Lawrence Schoenfeld, Esq., is also of counsel to the firm.  The firm has offices in Jersey City and Long Island where client meetings can be held on an appointment basis.

The firm is affiliated with Lisch & Lisch LLC, Hudson River Investment Group LLC and Lisch Investment Management LLC.