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Lisch & Lisch LLC was originally founded as Accounting Offices of Howard Lisch in 1986 with the purpose of providing Big Four quality of accounting and tax services for individuals and closely held corporations at an affordable price by aggressively controlling costs.  Additionally, it was decided to customize each engagement to offer only the services that were needed and not to just offer a standard package.  This would result in a more affordable price for more effective service.  It was also a goal to pursue niche areas of practice such as being the largest Macintosh based accounting firm in New York and New Jersey in addition to our normal PC use.

Hudson River Investment Group LLC and Lisch Investment Management LLC are outgrowths of Lisch & Lisch LLC and are affiliated companies.

Accounting and Review

We will not work with everyone.  Our accounting and review expertise serves a limited range of clients.  They include closely-held companies, which need professional accounting services and financial guidance as well as not-for-profit entities, which need our assistance in meeting State filing requirements.  Many of our clients have basic needs and require us to maintain their bookkeeping, others have international concerns.  We will not do any certified audits.


Our expertise and reputation is based upon our innovative, simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.  We have, in the past, been involved in creating distribution tax straddles and customized total concept retirement plans which included pension and profit sharing plans, 401(k) plans and rabbi trusts.

In addition to our sophisticated tax planning, we attend to the tax needs of our clients in their companies, partnerships and personal lives (sometimes four generations in one family) by doing tax return preparation, including income, sales, payroll, estate and gift taxes and by representing our clients before federal and state taxing authorities including, if necessary, the United States Tax Court, if litigation proves necessary or worthwhile.

Special Relationships

We have extensive experience with union employees and are the retirement counselor for:

  • United Federation of Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.