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Working With A Financial Professional Leaving Your Lasting Legacy Questions to Consider When Buying a Vacation Home Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance

Welcome to the Lisch Family of Businesses

We hope you find the site valuable enough to bookmark it as one of your favorites.  We endeavor to provide our clients with the best professional services possible.  This website is designed to enhance those services by providing free online answers to many of your everyday financial dealings and frequently asked questions.  We advise you to take advantage of the many features that the website provides.  


The Lisch Family of Businesses embodies the concept we developed in order to best serve our clients’ needs.  More specifically, that they have one central place to go to in order to have their financial needs fulfilled.  From that concept we have developed the “Your One Stop Financial Shop™” where a client can go to and have their financial needs satisfied or, if we cannot, to refer them to someone who can.  Additionally, our tag line We’re Here For You™  acknowledges our clients come first with us and without our clients we would not be here.

Hudson River Investment Group LLC

provides insurance solutions to a broad range of clients.

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Lisch Investment Management LLC 

a fee only Investment Advisor provides a comprehensive wealth management program for selected clients.

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Lisch & Lisch LLC

provides accounting and tax services for individuals and closely held businesses.

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Howard Lisch Esq., Attorney at Law

provides legal services limited to tax law, estate and tax planning, preparation of wills and trusts and related matters such as probate and estate administration, and incorporation of regular corporations and limited liability corporations.

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