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Hudson River Investment Group LLC | Investment Management Process | Products and Services

We do not solicit clients at Hudson River Investment Group LLC.  We offer financial solutions to the problems of existing clients of Lisch & Lisch LLC and Howard Lisch, Esq., Attorney at Law or other individuals referred by existing clients or specific labor unions or financial or legal professionals we have relationships with.  If you are not one of the foregoing, you cannot become a client!

At Hudson River Investment Group LLC, as  independent financial advisors, we have no sales quotas to meet and are not pressured to sell any particular investment product.  We provide investment and insurance solutions to protect the financial future of our clients and their family.  We act more like a private wealth manager than a retail stockbroker in that our commissions compensation is usually structured to provide for less money up front to us in favor of a continuing stream of income on the back end, if possible.  This is done so that we are compensated for our time and effort in continuing to monitor your investments in order to see that they remain suitable for your investment strategy and to provide for a permanent staff to provide service for your non commissionable ongoing needs.

We generally believe in the benefits of long term passive investing using a diversified portfolio using asset allocation.  We do not believe that one should try to time any market by aggressive buying and selling. 

Our strategic objective is to establish over the long term, a reasonable rate of return for our clients while balancing the client’s need for appreciation and aversion to loss.  The rate of return selected will vary depending upon market conditions and the client.  What makes us different is how we balance the objectives. 

As such, we do not accept accounts that desire greater returns than our strategic objective; we do not accept accounts that want us to actively trade; we do not accept accounts where we need to be accessible for timely trades.