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Comprehensive Wealth Management Services


        Lisch Investment Management LLC was founded in 2003 and provides personalized confidential financial planning and investment management to individuals, trusts and estates.  Advice is provided through consultation with the client and may include: determination of financial objectives, identification of financial problems, cash flow management, tax planning, insurance review, investment management, education funding, retirement planning, and estate planning.

        Lisch Investment Management LLC is strictly a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm.  The firm does not receive commissions for purchasing or selling annuities, insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, limited partnerships, or other commissioned products.  The firm is not affiliated with entities that sell financial products or securities.  No commissions in any form are accepted.  No finder's fees are accepted.

        Assets are invested in stocks, bonds, master limited partnerships, listed real estate investment trusts, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.  Fund companies charge each fund shareholder an investment management fee that is disclosed in the fund prospectus.  Lisch Investment Management LLC does not receive any compensation, in any form, from fund companies.

        Investments may also include: equities (stocks), warrants, corporate debt securities, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, municipal securities, investment company securities, U.S. government securities, and interests in partnerships.

        Initial public offerings (IPOs) are not available through Lisch Investment Management LLC.

        Lisch Investment Management LLC does not refer clients to third party investment advisor firms.

        The primary investment strategy used on client accounts is strategic asset allocation utilizing an income and growth approach.  We use individual dividend paying securities, closed end funds, exchange traded funds,  real estate investment trusts, and master limited partnerships as the core investments, and then add actively-managed bond funds where there are greater opportunities to make a difference.  Portfolios are globally diversified to control the risk associated with traditional markets.  The growth that we are considering also includes that which might occur with the increase in the cash flow from rising dividends or the cash payouts from the REITs and master limited partnerships.

         The investment strategy for a specific client is based upon the objectives stated by the client during consultations.  The client may change these objectives at any time.  Each client executes an Investment Policy Statement that documents their objectives and their desired investment strategy.

        Other strategies may include long-term purchases and short-term purchases.  We do not perform short sales, margin transactions, and option writing (including covered options, uncovered options or spreading strategies).

        We do not do short selling because it involves the selling of a stock you do not own and there is an assumption the short seller will be able to buy the stock at a lower amount than the price at which they sold short.  An inherent risk is that one can lose more than the value at which one sold it for.

        An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price on or before a specific date.  We do not do options trading because you can lose 100% of a client's investment.

Personal Financial Planning

        We follow a six-step process after talking with the client to determine life objectives and responsibilities as tempered by other factors including health and age of client in order to:

  1. Perform a financial analysis
  2. Build efficient portfolios
  3. Use portfolio strategists
  4. Implement the plan
  5. Rebalance regularly
  6. Track the plan’s progress

        The portfolios are constructed to use both strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies with an emphasis on preservation of capital. Strategic allocation emphasizes consistency whereas tactical allocation takes advantage of changing market conditions.

       The plan is implemented using an internet based platform ensuring that the client has access to view the account on a daily basis.

Tax Planning

        At periodic meetings, the current tax situation of the client is reviewed to determine the ordering of distributions and the consequences of planned actions and past actions of the client.

Tax Return Preparation

        We will prepare all necessary individual income and gift tax returns. From time to time we may use third party advisors to implement the foregoing. It is possible that the tax return of the client will be prepared by Lisch Investment Management LLC or a third party from a list of approved lawyers or certified public accountants.

Retirement Planning

        Meetings are held with the client to determine the financial consequences of retiring from employment and the ability to retire. A distribution analysis is made as to whether to leave assets at the employer or to rollover to another plan or Individual Retirement Account. Paperwork is handled by Lisch Investment Management LLC in order to rollover monies if that election is made by the client.

        Once you are retired, a continuing, Retirement Analysis will be done to:

  • consider your assets, returns, income and expenses
  • specify savings and rate of return recommendation
  • provide a cash flow analysis detailing sources of income during retirement
  • calculate the probability of meeting your retirement goals.
  • Insurance

        We will periodically discuss with clients whether their insurance coverage is sufficient for their objectives. We may use a mix of in-house specialists or outside consultants to implement the foregoing.

Estate and Trust Planning and Wealth Transfer

        Periodic meetings are held to determine the intentions of the client as to division of assets and who shall be protected and cared for. We will coordinate with outside professionals including client’s lawyer and financial and insurance professionals.

The Estate Planning Analysis will:

  • assess the amount of estate taxes you may have to pay
  • help you identify certain strategies to reduce taxes and pass on the maximum amount to your beneficiaries
  • identify gifting strategies, liquidity needs and the taxation that affects retirement plans at death
  • demonstrate how you and your heirs may benefit form establishing trusts.

        We may use a mix of in-house specialists or outside consultants to implement the foregoing.

Charitable Planning

        We will periodically discuss with clients as to whether a specific charity is to be benefited. We may use a mix of in house specialists or outside consultants to implement including the creation of intervivos and testamentary trusts

Asset Protection and Management

        We will periodically discuss the need for protection of assets and may suggest insurance, variable annuities with principal protection guarantees, trusts, etc. We may use a mix of in house specialists or outside consultants to implement the foregoing.

Employee Stock Option Analysis

        When a significant part of your net worth is in employee stock options, you need to manage them as astutely as the rest of your portfolio.  With our help, you can sort through expiration dates, exercise strategies such as hold, sell and sell to cover and the potential tax implications of each.

        The comprehensive wealth management services include all services available to the Modified Wealth Management Service client.