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June 22, 2006

WW II Secrets Revealed

          Sometimes you read a book and it affects your whole body.  Your hands cannot put it down, your eyes remain fixed to it, your brain is remade by its revelations, your feet remain unused because you do not want to get up.  And, of course, your mouth is perpetually open as you experience revelation after revelation.
          Such a book is The New Dealers’ War, F.D.R. and the War Within World War II by Thomas Fleming.  Some of you may remember Thomas Fleming, a noted American historian, as the author of Illusion of Victory, a book I previously praised as having taken a different look at World War I and Woodrow Wilson.
          The book takes the memory of FDR, the almost mystical figure and subjects him to the actual history that occurred and not the fuzzy glowing memories of the "Greatest Generation".
          Did you ever wonder why we went to war with Germany when only Japan attacked us?  Did you know that German generals and admirals were under specific orders not to provoke America?
          You remember December 7 as a day which will live in infamy and yet not December 4, when a copy of Rainbow Five, the top secret war plan of the U.S. to attack Germany was printed in two of the nation’s newspapers. It became Operation Overland as well as the German defense strategy.
          Did you know of the Roosevelt plan to create an incident with the Japanese Navy off the coast of the Phillipines so as to create a pretext for declaring war on Japan?
          Did you know that New Deal Democrats were against General Motors and Ford making tanks and airplanes?  Also, Dupont, Gneral Electric and Standard Oil were targeted.  They wanted only small businesses to benefit from military contracts.
          Did you know that FDR was surrounded by Communist agents, even up to the level of Deputy Secretary, that the agents, 348 of them clustered around Vice President Henry Wallace, the likely successor to FDR.  That FDR acceded to the demand by Stalin that all State Department officials in the Russian section who were opposed to him be reassigned or fired.
          Did you know that FDR kept secret the details of the Katyn massacre of the Polish officer corps by the Soviets for fear of losing the Polish vote in the 1944 election?
          Did you know that since 1942, elements of the German military were trying to negotiate surrender terms and that FDR ordered the US not to take part in the discussions; against the advice of Stalin, Churchill and the entire top military brass?
          Did you know the US never had an official policy of unconditional surrender.  That these were off the cuff comments by FDR and that Stalin, Churchill and the entire top military brass of the US opposed unconditional surrender.  That the policy of unconditional surrender lengthened the war by almost two years and caused millions of additional deaths?
          We grew up believing most Japanese Americans were put into internment camps.  Not so.  Only those in California.  Those in Hawaii (then under martial law) were exempted from the camps by the US military.  It seems their skills were too valuable for the war effort.  The "horrible" military overruled the New Deal politicians who wanted to steal their land and businesses like they did in California.
          How about the failure of the US propaganda machine, until the horror of the concentration camps became known at the end of the war, to convince US soldiers why they were fighting Germany when Japan attacked them.
          How about the proposal to forcibly relocate people to where military war plants needed workers?
          How about the plan not to demobilize the troops at the end of WWII so as not to "create unemployment"?
          How about which war policies were created to get domestic votes?
          Interested yet?
          There’s more, lots more.  And this is real modern history, not a novel about a fictional conspiracy supported by some ancient urious unreconciled facts.
          This is your summertime book!

Who Are The Rich?

          Recently, Congress passed a bill to extend the tax cuts.  The Republicans said it was necessary to keep the economy afloat while the Democrats damned it as a sop to the rich.  Investors Business Daily 5/12/06
          Are the Democracts correct?  Who exactly are the rich?  The Democrats are exactly correct because in their own definition, the wealthy are defined as a family of four with a household income of $35,000!  Yes, $35,000.  Don’t laugh, if you think you cannot live on this in the metropolitan New York Area.  $35,000 is the mid point of all families in the U.S.  The law is written for the entire U.S., not just the New York area.  50% of the families in the U.S. are above that number, and 50% below.
          In the New York City Metropolitan area, a normal household income of $125,000 puts one in the top 10% of the country; for a Democrat that would make them superrich!
          Most families below $35,000 do not pay any income taxes.  In fact, their tax rates were generally negative, having received tax dollars from the increasingly generous earned income tax credit.  Investors Business Daily 5/15/06 p. A17
          Most families below $35,000 do not own any shares of stock or mutual funds.  They might have some interest on a savings account.
          So, the Democrats are correct.
          But, I bet you did not think that you were rich!
          If you want investment advice on how to benefit from the continued tax cuts, call Howard Lisch.

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