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Macbased Accounting Firm

June 12, 1991

          As you may already know we are the largest Macintosh based Accounting Firm in the New York/New Jersey area. As part of the additional services we are providing our clients we have available a videotape "In Business with Macintosh", a videotape geared to acquainting the small business with the advantages of using a Macintosh personal computer.

          No matter what business you are in and no matter what it demands of you, having a Macintosh will make a real difference in how much you can accomplish. It will help you in the routine tasks of running a business - which can take up so much of your time - and in the most sophisticated aspects of accounting, marketing and business management.

          And Macintosh is so easy to use that it has become legendary. You can take 5 days to learn an IBM clone or 5 minutes to learn how to use a Macintosh (Heh, Heh!)

          The tape is available to be borrowed for a reasonable time. If interested please contact Maureen at our office. Or if you desire a tape of your own call Apple Computer at 1-800-441-3001 ext. 750.


Apple has just acknowledged our position as the preeminent firm in New York by asking Accountant Inc. to call us to ask if we would become a qualified installer for them.
It’s nice to be recognized.