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Investment Management Process

The way we operate is simple.  First, we identify the potential client’s objectives. Then, we determine the potential client’s risk tolerance and explain the various types of risks.  Then, we explain the different types of investments that exist.  Finally, we try to establish how well the potential client sleeps at night, i.e. is he/she a worrier or can they delegate their worry to their financial advisor.

If the potential client meets our criteria, we will suggest an optimal portfolio asset allocation.  If the potential client is uncomfortable with our asset allocation or suggested investments, we will try to work with the client to obtain an asset allocation that we both will find satisfactory.

We then review all accounts on at least a quarterly basis and most on a monthly basis. If we determine a change in the portfolio is warranted, we will usually communicate in writing as to our suggestion together with the reasons for the suggested change and information about the suggested purchase.