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Lisch Family of Businesses

         Visit our new website at, with snappy new animated graphics, which accurately describes the four businesses we run;  the accounting and tax preparation firm, the law firm, the investments and insurance firm, and the wealth management firm.  All of these together become Your One Stop Financial Shop TM and describe We're Here For You TM because if you weren't here, neither would we.
           We hope you will bookmark it as one of your favorite sites because of the free services and information that we have incorporated into it. If you had us bookmarked before you may have to login to and then rebookmark us to get to the new site.


           The various businesses are separately described as to what they do and do not do, their services and products oferred and professional and business relationships; Accounting Offices of Howard Lisch, Howard Lisch, Esq. Attorney-at-Law, Lisch Investment Services and Lisch Investment Management, LLC.  Also contained within are short biographies of the permanent staff of the firms.  Additionally, links to relevant sites are located on the website.  For example, we have a special relationship with the Detectives Endowment Association of the City of New York Police Department.  There is a link from Accounting Offices of Howard Lisch to the DEA website and from there one can navigate to the Special Offers section to see our tax preparation offer.

Client Center

           Do your own financial planning here.  The intention is that instead of calling andasking us a question where we will have to charge you for our research time, we have reduced them to easy formulas for your FREE use.
           You will find the Calculators section very helpful in the variety of financial calculators, interactive calculations, dynamic graphs and fully customizable printable reports.

  • Asset Allocator-plan for retirement in creating a balanced portfolio of investments
  • Traditional IRA Calculator-determine if you can have a tax deductible contribution, potential asset  amount,  and value after taxes at retirement.
  • Cool Million- determine what it takes to save $1,000,000
  • Home Budget-create one
  • Loan Comparison
  • Mortgage Qualifier-Do it yourself
  • Refinance Breakeven-analysis
  • Life Insurance Calculator
  • Business Breakeven Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Lease v. Buy- This is the most common question asked of us.  Get the answer for free!
  • Home Equity v. Auto Loan

          There is an online Tax Calendar.
          Download Tax Forms from the library          
          Don't like the Tax Organizer we sent you?  Download one from here, fill it out and email it to us.
          Read IRS Tax Publications.

          In the View Your Own Account area there are links to the respective mutual fund, variable annuity and separate account management sites where you can view your account online.


           Look at this site everyday because a new feature is the Market Summary area where one can get current information as to how the stock  market is doing, obtain quotes, read timely news articles, research and even set up your own password protected personal portfolios instead of dealing with any large internet portal such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL or Comcast.


           Remember an article we wrote that you liked?  Find it in our own Accounting Offices of Howard Lisch Newsletters that are archived from July, 1991.
           General Tax Topics provide generic tax advice.
           Newsletters contain timely articles that address the latest tax, financial and business issues that pertain to the average taxpayer.

Smart Decisions

           A substantial library of articles dealing with taxes and finances of just about every aspect of everyday life.


           Email us with requests for information