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Who We Are

At Hudson River Investment Group LLC, we do not solicit clients. We offer financial solutions to the problems of existing clients of Lisch & Lisch LLC and Howard Lisch, Esq., Attorney at Law or other individuals referred by existing clients or financial or legal professionals we have relationships with. If you are not one of the foregoing, you cannot become a client.

At Hudson River Investment Group,LLC, we act more like a money manager than a retail stockbroker. In fact, we are part of an idea to be a one stop financial supermarket for all our clients` needs. To understand us better, you should know that we subscribe to the theories of economists such as Harry S. Dent, the author of several books including "The Great Boom Ahead", "The Roaring 2000’s" and "The Roaring 2000’s Investor". These books generally state that the United States will have a strong economy through the next several years and the current boom will end somewhere in the years 2008 through 2010. That this current boom is a once in a lifetime event and will not last forever! That the markets, while rising, will become very volatile. As such, we believe the way to benefit most in this environment is to be a passive long term investor with a diversified portfolio using an asset allocation model weighted in a favor of high growth sectors. We do not believe that one should try to time this market by aggressive buying and selling.

We pursue greater growth in the portfolio by assuming more risk and correspondingly laying off some risk by using professionally managed portfolios by different managers.

Our strategic objective is to establish, over the long term, a reasonable rate of return for our clients while balancing the client`s need for appreciation and aversion to loss. The rate of return selected will vary depending upon market conditions and the client. What makes us different is how we balance the objectives.

As such, we do not accept accounts that want greater returns than our strategic objective; we do not accept accounts that want to actively trade; we do not want accounts where we need to be accessible for timely trades.